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Orly Taitz Smacked Down: Birther Lawsuit Dismissed

I’ve had some downtime around these parts lately, as my computer is currently not set up- until then, posting is gonna be pretty sparse. But you know there’s no way I’m going to let some Orly news pass me up. The new news, which is not a surprise to anyone but Orly, is that another one of her lawsuits has been thrown out of court. I think that she ought to first challenge the legality of the American justice system, and then the legality of Obama’s presidency, since clearly the Judiciary system does not understand U.S. law. PS – I’m really hoping to see some sexy Orly costumes this halloween. Someone make this happen!


i can’t resist

Orly Taitz Slapped With $20,000 Sanction
Orly Taitz Responds To Judge’s $20k Fine: Shove It!

Every new bit of Orly news is a new excuse to GIS her, which is a favored past time of mine. Today’s news is pretty great too- she got fined $20,000 for wasting a courts time (duh)!! But the best part is that, asked if she was going to pay, she was like “hell no”. ❤


poor woman can’t catch a break

orly speaking
Anti-Obama ‘Eligibility’ Movement Members Breaking Ties With Laguna Niguel Birther Orly Taitz

Good lord. It seems that Orly is too far out there for even the other prominent members of the Birther movement, which I can only assume means that she must be really, really far out there. Among the people who have publicly disavowed her are Gary Kreep, the man interviewed in the Birther informercial I posted earlier; Lucas Smith, the man who recently “unearthed” Obama’s REAL birth certificate; Larry Sinclair, who claims “he’d been lured into cocaine-fueled sex with Obama in a limo in 1999” (wait WHAT); and Connie Rhodes, who is the client that Orly had been representing in her most recent court case. It’s worth reading the article to see why Orly Taitz is too crazy even for these wackjobs.


kanye west jokes getting old, but I lol’d

kanye orly


aw dang

Orly Taitz gets laughed out of court

Orly what happened? I thought you HAD it this time.

“Taitz’s response to all this? She told a local television station that Land “should be tried for treason with Obama” and that his decision “showed a total disrespect for the Constitution of the United States of America.””

Awww that’s sweet. Don’t give up Orly! Shine on you crazy diamond.


“the copy contain the embossed seal”

the birthers have discovered barack obama’s kenyan birth certificate! again!

B-b-but what about the last one?! I thought they already had his birth certificate! And yet here we are, again. This time the birth certificate has been submitted to a court, on behalf of the discoverer, Lucas Smith, by Orly Taitz. Except, oops, the headquarters of the birther movement, WorldNetDaily, have already vetted this dude and the document and declared it fake. Key notes from the WND article:

-before submitting the “birth certificate” to a court, Lucas Smith had been attempting to sell it on eBay
-Lucas Smith has a criminal history- including “a reported attempt to sell his kidney to a man in need of organ transplant”
-it doesn’t look like an authentic 60’s era Kenyan birth certificate, if you believe WND about that being authentic

Here are some delightful comments in regards to this new birth certificate:
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more orly!

watch the Colbert Report episode featuring Orly Taitz at, because apparently wordpress doesn’t allow non-youtube embeds

This is a little older than the MSNBC video, and I’m impressed that Colbert at no point acts even a little sympathetic to Taitz’s viewpoint. Frequently (more often with Jon Stewart), the comedy-anchors act a little deferential or conciliatory to their conservative guests, but Colbert basically openly mocks her throughout the interview (which, to be fair, looks pretty heavily edited). I’m not really sure why Orly Taitz was such a good sport in this interview, yet was so defensive and crazy on MSNBC, but maybe she just didn’t pick up on the underlying sarcasm of Colbert’s show.

The story of a doctor who conquered his own insanity and now shows others the way back, by the author of Microbe Hunters.
"An old master Paul de Kruif surely is. His latest book has pace, it has style, it has a sharply drawn hero, and, most important, it tells one of the great stories of our times." -Washington Post and Times Herald.

I found that in the back of a copy of Nova Express by William S. Burroughs.

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