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“politically incorrect” guides

regnery publishing, via ILX

The acceptance of the concept of “political correctness” is one of the greatest propaganda victories of conservative media in the last 20 years. I recommend checking out some of the descriptions of titles available from this publisher:

“The Politically Incorrect Guide™ to Darwinism and Intelligent Design
by Jonathan Wells
Paperback – (August 2006) – $19.95

Did you know…most textbooks on evolution are written by Darwinists with an ideological ax to grind? And scientists who try to teach about intelligent design are silenced? But fear not: Jonathan Wells, a microbiologist with Ph.D.s from Berkeley and Yale, unmasks the truth about Darwinism–why it is wrong and what the real evidence is. He provides all the facts you need to challenge the most closed-minded Darwinist. The Politically Incorrect Guide™ to Darwinism and Intelligent Design reveals falsehoods about Darwinism being taught in public schools, persecution of university scientists who see good evidence for intelligent design, the guesswork that founded the famous “ape to man” species chart, and more!”

“The Politically Incorrect Guide™ to Women, Sex, and Feminism
by Carrie Lukas
Paperback – (May 2006) – $19.95

Since the Feminist Revolution, women have climbed the corporate ladder, sent their kids to daycare, and struggled to balance work, family, and the redefinition of gender roles. Many unexpectedly learned the hard way that “having it all” comes at a steep cost—something the feminists never told them. “Feminist groups like to pretend that women can have it all without sacrificing time with families—this is FALSE and most women know it,” claims Carrie Lukas, vice president for policy and economics at the Independent Women’s Forum, contributor to National Review Online, and author of the latest installment of the bestselling series, The Politically Incorrect Guide™ to Women, Sex, and Feminism. Lukas clears the air, busts the myths, and provides the best (but usually suppressed) research on the most important issues young women face, so that women can make better decisions about their families, careers, and futures.”



why jesus god why

O.T.P. (One Term President) by WOLVERINES

see if you can count all of the logical inconsistencies without vomiting from frustration.


die antwoord & max normal

boing boing (who hipped me to Die Antwoord in the first place) did a great follow up piece on the South African musicians. Oddly though, they don’t mention the most interesting fact (to me anyway) made clear in their research, which is that Die Antwoord is some kind of fake/satirical act. You can see the main rapper from Die Antwoord as his older incarnation, Max Normal, in the video above. Personally this doesn’t really change anything for me- I still think Die Antwoord is awesome, and a South African pretending to be a crazy chav rapper isn’t really less exotic to me than an actual crazy South African chav rapper. But, it does validate my suspicions about the group (didn’t their image seem a little too perfect? didn’t the hi-def videos seem unlikely?). Still….. I’m gonna hear the album when I get the chance.


“fuck…. this is like… the coolest song I heard in my whole life”

All the kids these days are getting down to Die Antwoord. And why shouldn’t they?
PS do you think this is going to be totally obnoxious a week from now, or still pretty cool?


as if you needed another reason to hate this guy

Balloon Boy’s Dad — Not Smart, Not Funny

AH HA HA HA HOLY SHIT. What a gift from god. I already thought this guy was a piece of shit, but this book he wrote is far more awful that I could have hoped. I squinted really hard, and here is what he has to say:

“Zipperheads. Andrew Dice Clay put it best when he said, ‘You don’t give car keys to someone you can blindfold with dental floss’. Andrew, that’s a killer line.

What the hell is it with the Orientals anyway?”

WHAT INDEED. This passage is mind-blowing to me for several reasons: first, that he is using a Andrew Dice Clay bit as justification of his racist beliefs. Second, that his idea of writing a book is to quote Andrew Dice Clay and then ask “What the hell is it with the Orientals anyway?”. Third- I dunno man, what is up with those Orientals? It’s your book man, wanna expand on that a bit? And fourth (and best of all): THIS GUY’S OWN KIDS ARE HALF JAPANESE. HIS WIFE IS FULL ON JAPANESE. That is how shitty this dude is!! But wait, it isn’t just members of his own family that he hates:

“If a cowboy walked into a fine restaurant, common courtesy would be to take off his hat. As a matter of fact, most restaurants would not allow you to even dine in their eloquent [NOTE TO RICHARD: THIS WORD DOESN’T MEAN WHAT YOU THINK IT DOES. YOU WERE THINKING OF “ELEGANT”] surroundings until you agreed to remove your head covering. Common sense would tell you that if an expensive Stetson hat is not appropriate, then you certainly wouldn’t wear your bath towel, now would you? Why then is it O.K. for dark-skinned Towel Heads to dine in that very same restaurant?”

This example is so specific that I have to imagine Richard spent at least one meal furiously clutching his cowboy hat in his lap while staring across the room at some dining Muslims. Well put, Richard!


please katie don’t hurt em

“Four Martini Mimimum.”


thanks fur watching

Juggalos + furries + twiztid + steve miller band = the end peak end of Western civilization??

The story of a doctor who conquered his own insanity and now shows others the way back, by the author of Microbe Hunters.
"An old master Paul de Kruif surely is. His latest book has pace, it has style, it has a sharply drawn hero, and, most important, it tells one of the great stories of our times." -Washington Post and Times Herald.

I found that in the back of a copy of Nova Express by William S. Burroughs.

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