oh, good

The birthers have “discovered” Obama’s Kenyan birth certificate! One that is self-evidently fake! I’m starting to suspect that Orly Taitz is just trolling us all. On the one hand, I find this generally to be hilarious and enjoy seeing who is dumb enough to stand up and say “that black man is not American and not my president!” On the other hand, I think Bill Maher (yeah, really) made a good point when he said that the Swift Boaters were obvious liars as well and they still did tremendous damage to Kerry’s presidential campaign.

The right comes out swinging! (World Net Daily)
The left responds! (Huffington Post)


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The story of a doctor who conquered his own insanity and now shows others the way back, by the author of Microbe Hunters.
"An old master Paul de Kruif surely is. His latest book has pace, it has style, it has a sharply drawn hero, and, most important, it tells one of the great stories of our times." -Washington Post and Times Herald.

I found that in the back of a copy of Nova Express by William S. Burroughs.

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