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The Jonestown Death Tape (FBI No. Q 042) (November 18, 1978)

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“An audio recording made on November 18, 1978, at the Peoples Temple compound in Jonestown, Guyana immediately preceding and during the mass suicide or murder of over 900 members of the cult.”

To be honest, I don’t really have the nerve or the inclination to listen to this.¬† But I think it’s amazing that it exists!


alcala: portraits by a serial killer

Rodney Alcala photoset on Flickr
Rodney Alcala found guilty of five counts of murder
LA Weekly – the fine art of killing
I hadn’t heard of this guy before today, but apparently he’s some famous serial murderer from LA. What brought this story to my attention was the fact that the Orange County Police Department released a series of photos, taken by Alcala, in an attempt to identify other potential victims. The photos are pretty nice portraits in and of themselves, but the backstory makes them creepy and mysterious. By the way, Alcala’s other claim to fame is that he was a winning contestant on “The Dating Game”.

He had already murdered two people at the time he appeared on this show! CREEPY


none so vile

“The Creepiest Things You’ll Ever See”

“You got a children’s beauty pageant in my photoshop!”
“You got photoshop in my children’s beauty pageant!”

People who do this to their children should have their kids taken away from them, seriously.


if you guys want to start christmas shopping for me early

1 Palin School Girl
You can get your shopping done at this site! I hope you are loaded, because they charge a shitload for their horrifying mockeries of public figures! But don’t think they are limited to sexy incarnations of previous vice-presidential candidates. No, no! They also feature such gems as:
Joker Web
Joker Obama! (“SOCIALISM!”)
Don't Taz Me Bro
Don’t “taz” me bro!
Packaged SM
A naked man with a large penis!

And more! Surf the site for yourself, and see if you can find the figurine of Britney Spears flashing her vagina, or Khalid Sheikh Mohammed!


another job prospect, another scam

screw you la

What is it with this fucking town? Does anyone actually do any real work, or is it an endless cycle of scams? 100% of the job interviews I’ve had so far have been scams. 100%!!! I responded to a craiglist ad about working as an extra today, only to find myself in a shitty office tract in the middle of nowhere. When I arrived (10 minutes early) the dude was in his office angling a fan at the ceiling and vacuuming at full blast, presumably in an effort to get rid of the thick stench of cigarette smoke. I actually laughed out loud when I saw this because I knew I was fucked. I shook his hand, and he handed me a clipboard and told me to write down my name and contact info. Before writing anything I asked him if there were any fees. “Of course there are fees! There are fees for everything, always. There are fees for gas!” Not the most reassuring, professional response I could have imagined. I informed him that I couldn’t pay to work. “We can get you work where you don’t have to pay upfront, and then you pay us after. It’s all on our website”. Thanks, but no thanks I said. “Don’t be an IDIOT! You have to be willing to invest to be able to make money!” he said, and that’s when I smiled and said no thanks and walked out. The dude followed me down the hall, then out of the office building and onto the sidewalk. “Don’t be so STUPID! THIS IS WHY YOU DON’T HAVE A JOB! THIS IS WHY YOU’LL NEVER HAVE ANYTHING, NEVER MAKE ANY MONEY! BECAUSE YOU ARE STUPID! YOU DESERVE EVERY LITTLE BIT OF MISERY THAT COMES YOUR WAY!” Yup this guy actually followed me out of his office to call me a failure because I didn’t buy into his bullshit. LA rules! What a fucking great city.


the green power ranger is gonna get his ass kicked

jason-14-web resize
The Green Ranger Is Now a Mixed Martial Arts Fighter — No, Seriously
Yeah, it’s yesterday’s news, but I didn’t find any funny pictures yesterday. Still, this is pretty funny! I bet he’s gonna get destroyed. I also want to talk about his hilarious tattoos- I thought the one on his stomach said S.K.A. at first, because of the photo I was looking at, and was disappointed to find out that it is actually R.S.K.A. I don’t know or care to know what that stands for. I was not disappointed, however, in the “Jesus Didn’t Tap Out” tattoo on his arm. A+ motto, in my opinion. Turning the “t” into a cross was the icing on the cake. Also, check out the poorly drawn tattoo of the girl on his chest. I’m going to go ahead and suggest that it is a tattoo of the pink power ranger, Amy Jo Johnson. Speaking of Amy Jo Johnson, what happened to her?
amy jo johnson
Woah, she released a crappy album in 2001? Why didn’t I ever hear about this? Pretty absurd. Remember when people were saying she had died in a car accident? I guess I never really investigated that rumor, because it turned out that one of the power rangers really did die in a car accident- the yellow power ranger.
Yep! She’s dead and that kind of sucks. When I was a kid I thought both female power rangers were pretty hot. At least until they morphed into their costumes. If you ask me, it should have been the green power ranger that died in the car crash. That guy was a dick and I never forgave him for usurping the leadership of the red power ranger. I was kind of hoping the red ranger would step into the octagon and get his revenge on the green power ranger, but..
…it’s looking like the only thing he’d be able to beat the green ranger at these days is a pie eating contest. Hey-o!


LA is burning



station fire by night

While SFist is stuffing its face, its sister-site LAist is lending credence to my suspicion that I might literally be living in Hell. This fire is fucking insane! There are massive smoke plumes during the day and YOU CAN SEE THAT SHIT BURNING AT NIGHT. I think it’s the apocalypse, but maybe that’s okay because the California Love music video pretty clearly takes place after the apocalypse, so maybe this means Tupac will be resurrected.

The story of a doctor who conquered his own insanity and now shows others the way back, by the author of Microbe Hunters.
"An old master Paul de Kruif surely is. His latest book has pace, it has style, it has a sharply drawn hero, and, most important, it tells one of the great stories of our times." -Washington Post and Times Herald.

I found that in the back of a copy of Nova Express by William S. Burroughs.

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