as if you needed another reason to hate this guy

Balloon Boy’s Dad — Not Smart, Not Funny

AH HA HA HA HOLY SHIT. What a gift from god. I already thought this guy was a piece of shit, but this book he wrote is far more awful that I could have hoped. I squinted really hard, and here is what he has to say:

“Zipperheads. Andrew Dice Clay put it best when he said, ‘You don’t give car keys to someone you can blindfold with dental floss’. Andrew, that’s a killer line.

What the hell is it with the Orientals anyway?”

WHAT INDEED. This passage is mind-blowing to me for several reasons: first, that he is using a Andrew Dice Clay bit as justification of his racist beliefs. Second, that his idea of writing a book is to quote Andrew Dice Clay and then ask “What the hell is it with the Orientals anyway?”. Third- I dunno man, what is up with those Orientals? It’s your book man, wanna expand on that a bit? And fourth (and best of all): THIS GUY’S OWN KIDS ARE HALF JAPANESE. HIS WIFE IS FULL ON JAPANESE. That is how shitty this dude is!! But wait, it isn’t just members of his own family that he hates:

“If a cowboy walked into a fine restaurant, common courtesy would be to take off his hat. As a matter of fact, most restaurants would not allow you to even dine in their eloquent [NOTE TO RICHARD: THIS WORD DOESN’T MEAN WHAT YOU THINK IT DOES. YOU WERE THINKING OF “ELEGANT”] surroundings until you agreed to remove your head covering. Common sense would tell you that if an expensive Stetson hat is not appropriate, then you certainly wouldn’t wear your bath towel, now would you? Why then is it O.K. for dark-skinned Towel Heads to dine in that very same restaurant?”

This example is so specific that I have to imagine Richard spent at least one meal furiously clutching his cowboy hat in his lap while staring across the room at some dining Muslims. Well put, Richard!


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