camus – the fall

the fall
I finished reading this about a week ago, and enjoyed it quite a bit. Actually, looking back at my thoughts about The Plague, I think I was actually being far more negative than I actually felt about the book. The Plague was actually very interesting, but I enjoyed The Fall much more. For one, it’s a lot shorter, so it doesn’t last long enough to feel like it’s dragging on. Furthermore, the plot is simply one man telling his story to you (or rather, to a nameless character that stands in for the reader). There’s no real drama driving the plot- everything you read about happened in the character’s past, so there isn’t any danger or cliffhangers or whatever. But the character who is divulging his story to you- Jean-Baptiste Clamence- is very interesting, and I felt compelled to learn more about his history, as well as his philosophy. And his philosophy is ultimately what is expressed in the book- I don’t want to spoil anything, but was a pretty interesting take on human behavior. I wonder how much Camus viewed this as his own philosophy? That is, how sympathetic he was to Clamence? Looking now at the Wikipedia entry for the book, I think that my understanding of the ending is somewhat different than whoever edited the article. Man I need a book club!


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