salon.com & glenn beck, pt 2

cleon skousen

Look at that evil motherfucker right there. That’s W. Cleon Skousen, a man who I’d never heard of before today. So why am I calling the dude an evil motherfucker? Primarily its for writing a textbook called “The Making of America”, in which Skousen
“characterized African-American children as “pickaninnies” and described American slave owners as the “worst victims” of the slavery system. Quoting the historian Fred Albert Shannon, “The Making of America” explained that “[slave] gangs in transit were usually a cheerful lot, though the presence of a number of the more vicious type sometimes made it necessary for them all to go in chains.”
That quote is from Alexander Zaitchik’s profile on Skousen, whose philosophy is the intellectual backbone of Glenn Beck’s bizarre beliefs. In addition to Skousen’s racist re-writing of America’s history, Skousen’s faults are many: he was a conservative Mormon who was too conservative for either the John Birch Society or the Mormon church. In the early sixties, he authored a book called “The Naked Communist”, in which he supposedly revealed the diabolical plans of communists who were plotting to take over the U.S. Later, he would write a book called “The Naked Capitalist”, which updated his conspiracy theories to place rich families and corporations as the brains behind this global conspiracy (meaning, if you are a fan of NWO conspiracy theories, maybe you ought to consider the intellectual background of your beliefs). Throughout his career, Skousen was repeatedly rejected by even the most right-wing fringe elements of American society, and his ideas were repeatedly denounced by the FBI, among others. And Glenn Beck has single-handedly revived interest in this Skousen’s reality-free conspiracy theories by promoting Skousen’s book, “The 5,000 Year Leap”, as being the purest distillation of truth about America and the world. Terrifying!


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