this is why the internet was invented

This is Tonetta777, an outsider musician and superfreak whose youtube account was recently suspended. Nothing I’ve seen of his, so far, would warrant his account being deleted, but maybe he was uploading stuff even freakier than what I’ve seen. Be warned that the rest of this post is possibly NSFW, and threatening to your sexual identity:

This is pretty representative of what Tonetta777 is all about: groovy, filthy jams that he lip syncs over and gyrates to in a speedo, while he stares into infinity with his thousand-yard acid eyes. “Sex for bucks, who got fucked? You, the girl, or the world?”

This is his youtube protest song. It’s more minimal than some of his other work. Not his best song, but pretty interesting that youtube was an integral part of his artistic process.

This, I think, is seven of his songs, synced to the drumbeat. Maddening! Also, this isn’t my link, but I checked it and it worked:

19 Tonetta777 songs


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