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I’m a big Peter Bagge fan; in particular, I love “Hate” (I own both “Buddy Does Seattle” and “Buddy Does Jersey”, but I’ve lent them out to friends. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE). In particular, I like that the people in “Hate” are pretty much awful, selfish people- and it’s usually hilarious. I suppose then it shouldn’t be a surprise to learn that, in recent years, Bagge has been making comics for Reason, a libertarian magazine. It was kind of a surprise, and a disappointment to me, because I tend to think of libertarians as being a wacky fringe (usually I think of nutsos like Ron Paul and Alex Jones). Given the general misanthropy of “Hate”, it makes sense that Bagge’s political views would focus on self-reliance and non-interference from the government. However- after reading several of the strips- I’m not as disappointed as I thought I would be. It’s true that I don’t agree with all of the views he expresses, but they are all presented thoughtfully and not as a simple knee-jerk political reaction. Frequently I found his point of view to be pretty compelling. I guess the moral is libertarians need some better spokespeople!


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