i rate people on yelp

“David H.
Santa Cruz, CA
2 star rating

Okay, so my first two star review easily goes to the Knockout.

Now, I want people to keep in mind that what I am looking for in a bar is important to the 2 star rating.

1) I like places with cheap, but quality drinks. They had advertised $2 Kirin on tap on their website, however it was actually $3 dollars and then went to $4 after 9pm. Considering that most other similar bars have an actual $2 quality draft happy hour, and that Sudachi has actual $2 drafts all day on Sapporo, the Knockout disappointed here (after 5 beers w/ tips the difference adds up fast).

2) I like places with a cool crowd, age group early to late 20s. This place had a crowd of late 20s to early 30s and the people were very unimpressive. Most that I talked to had really similar life stories — drifted from job to job never really advancing far and kind of settling into mediocrity. It was like time traveling forward and seeing what happened to all the High School burnouts. The scene was really boring.

3) I like places with some sort of ambiance. Yes, I know this is a dive bar, but if the drinks aren’t particularly cheap then part of what you go for is an interesting setting. And considering how cheap it is to make a punk/rock club look good, they really under delivered. Also, the bathrooms are terrible.

All in all, I came expecting a unique place, cheap drinks, sushi, and good music. I left pretty disappointed. Won’t be going back.”

uh hey I like dive bars, but don’t like hanging out with the people that go to dive bars

* out of *****


2 Responses to “i rate people on yelp”

  1. 1 rob
    August 31, 2009 at 5:28 am

    what an amazing douche. i’d like to track that guy down and say ‘hey, i don’t like you’.

  2. 2 hamthechimp
    August 31, 2009 at 1:06 pm

    the original version of this post was so much more hostile towards this guy, but I decided it wasn’t a good policy to be cussing out random people over the internet.

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