groundhog’s day timeframe

“how long does bill murray spend in groundhog’s day?

Groundhog’s Day is one of several classic comedies that I’d never seen until very recently (I’ve also recently seen, for the first time, What About Bob?, The Jerk, and Fletch). It was much, much better than I was expecting it to be, although I did not put any thought into how long Bill Murray’s character must have spent in Punxsutawney. The guy linked above did, though! His answer was a minimum of 8+ years, which surprised me. I didn’t really get the impression that such a long time had passed! Apparently Harold Ramis had pegged the number at around 10 years, and later responded to the above analysis, reconfiguring his own estimate to be closer to 30-40 years spent in Punxsutawney. I’ll have to watch the movie again sometime with that in mind.

PS- Heeb magazine’s response to the analysis, which also provided Ramis’s response, strikes me as weirdly hostile in a totally unwarranted way. I really hate when people post on a FUCKING WEBSITE acting like they are hip or cool or better than some other blogger. DUDES YOU ARE WRITING FOR A FUCKING WEBSITE, THAT IS ALWAYS LAME. Don’t act like you are so fucking superior. The author of the original article framed it best (and considerably less angrily): “Now as to Heeb calling me a spaz and Ramis alluding to the fact that certain spazoids may need to get a life, let me remind everyone that they took the time to respond to a spaz. What’s lower on the totem poll? The geek or the geek who feels the need to correct geeks?” Amen dude.


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